Consulting/Due Diligence

Southwest Self Storage can assist with your storage project!

We pull from our years of industry experience to guide you in every aspect of the development, acquisition, and management of your property. We offer a range of consulting services and are confident in our ability to add value at any stage of your project.

Our Services include:

Facility Evaluations / Auditing

Our team will provide you with an independent evaluation of your facility. We will review the office presentation, management team, customer service, capital needs, and overall operations of the facility, including a full lease audit. By offering a third party look at your facility, we can often pick up any items that get overlooked when you are focused on the day to day operations. We look for areas where we can pick up additional revenue, lower operating expenses, or improve your facility’s position in the marketplace.

Feasibility Studies

For new development projects, we can do a full review of the marketplace and determine the feasibility of your project. This includes a review of the market demands, demographics, square feet of storage in the marketplace, and a competitor survey. We will also look at the facility location and design and make recommendations based on the results of the feasibility study.

Assembling your Development Team

Over the years, Southwest Self Storage has developed a great network of brokers, architects, lenders, contractors, and other consultants. We can evaluate your project and help put together a strong team to ensure a successful project.

Design Review / Value Engineering

We can evaluate your facility’s design and assist with identifying efficiencies and assuring that your property will be both aesthetically pleasing, but also operationally functional. We will look at the office layout as well as traffic flow and unit mix to make sure the property’s design will meet your goals. We can also identify changes in layout and systems that may seem insignificant, but can create significant cost savings.

Construction Bidding / Contractor Selection

Getting construction pricing for your project and comparing pricing from different contractors can be a daunting task for those that are not familiar with the process. We can help ensure that the pricing you see is comprehensive, and assist in choosing the correct contractor for your project.


Choosing the right management team for your facility is critical to the success of your property. We will help identify the staffing needs to efficiently operate your facility and work with you in hiring and training your staff.

Security and Management Systems

Having quality and tested management software is key to tracking inventory as well as understanding and reacting to changes at your facility and in your market. Pairing a good software system with a functional security system acts not only as a selling point to your clients, but also allows you to properly monitor your facility. Our team has worked with a number of different systems and can help you choose the right package for your property.

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